Yutta lazy chair / bean bag

Outdoor lazy bag, very attractive, with knitted upper layer- Hand made


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SIZE: 80x117; height 40-75cm

KNITTED LAYER FABRIC: polyester matt rope, 4,5mm thickness, UV stable and water resistant; simple knitting

FABRIC: Nautical faux leather

MODEL: Osnovni model izrađuje se sa jednom navlakom, u koju se direktno pune stiroporske kuglice. PLUS model izrađuje se sa zasebnim uloškom; spoljna navlaka može da se skine za mašinsko pranje

FILLING: Cela ležaljka punjena je stiroporskim kuglicama. Posle određenog vremena korišćenja oblik ležaljke će se opustiti a punjenje je lako dopuniti. Punjenje možete dopuniti sami: za dopunu punjenja preporučuje se da se nabavi oko 1kg dopune za lazy bag, ili džak od 60l. Ukoliko se odlučite za PLUS model, u kom ležaljka ima zaseban uložak sa punjenjem, nov već napunjen uložak možete kupiti kod nas. Ukoliko se odlučite da kupite nenapunjen proizvod i sami ga punite, za ovaj proizvod treba vam oko 390-400 litara stiroporskih kuglica, koje lako možete nabaviti ukoliko na internetu tražite „dopunu za lejzi bag“, ili „stiroporske kuglice“.

WARRANTY 2 YEARS. More about warranty read in Terms of use

DEADLINE: If product is not in stock in chosen colour, with purchase you confirm its production. Deadline 10-20 working days.


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natural white, beige, ochre yellow, pigeon blue


Lazy bag is water resistant and UV stable; it can be used outside, on the rain, at the beaches. Knitted cover can get wet after a lot of rain / water, but it dries quickly. It is recommended to move it from outdoor during cold winter times, or to put rain cover on it, so you can use it all year long.


It is easy to maintain this lazy bag. You can just wipe it with wet clothe and soap, or with a splash of water, but also it is possible to remove complete cover and wash it in big machines. Filling you can refill also with opening cover from the bottom.


storage bag; water resistant pillow that can be fixed; rain cover


This model you can find in ecru colour in Urban Garden Store, and in ochre yellow in Shamliza Show Room


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