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Kiara de.zen was founded in 2015 when its founder came to conclusion that her handmade work, that she’s been creating for her whole life, deserves to decorate some other homes, as well. From the beginning we’ve had the same vision: to create a home décor brand that would involve hand-crafted work, from knitting and crocheting, to textile screen print, upholstery craftsmen 

Od 2022.godine poslovno interesovanje usmeravamo i ka modnom segmentu, stvarajući prve „fashion“ komade  – ručno pletene torbe, unikatne kardigane i odevne predmete.

Our products are intended to be practical. When we choose materials and suppliers we think about all aspects that will satisfy our customers. We think about product usage; about its maintenance; aesthetic aspects; we think about color palete variety …. We believe in quality and professionalism. All of our products are first made by the founder itself and then they are passed on to our manufacturing team. This type of the process chain help us control the quality and to make our products with care. And with a care for each person involved in manufacturing.

Transform a place you live in into a home. With our vision. With our and your energy joined. Live in the world you like.

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